Monday, October 8, 2012



We arrived at the island, at the port Tourlos, at sunset. 99% of the passengers waited impatiently for their turn on a bus for the 5 minute ride to town. Instead, we opted to walk 50 feet beyond the bus, and hire one of the taxis. The cost was €10 each way, or a total of €20 round-trip. The bus ride would have cost two people €16 round trip.

Mykonos is a small island with about 9000 residents, most of whom work in the tourist industry. Mykonos is famous for its night-life. Many restaurants line the shore, and with several large cruise ships in port, as they almost always are during the April-October season, the human crush was considerable.

But just behind this layer we found Maria's restaurant. Maria's is a family business, Maria runs the kitchen, her husband the dining room. We started with the calamari for an appetizer, and pizza. Maria's specialty is the Baklava.

After dinner, it seemed most of the tourists had gone back to their ships, and we explored the many narrow passageways lined with shops.

Mykonos After Dark, photo by Ruth

Mykonos After Dark


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